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Updated 01 June 2018

NACSW Element Specialty (Gilbert PA) 20 May 2018 - Photos are here!

NACSW NW1 Trial (Gilbert PA) 19 May 2018 - Photos are here!

Y2K9's CPE Trial - 05 / 06 May 2018- Photos are here!

Golden Rule School For Dogs WCRL Rally - 22 April 2018 trial photos are here!

Products For Pets WCRL Rally - 21 April 2018 trial photos are here!

Skyline Agility Club - 14 April 2018 Photos are here!

3D Dog Training CPE trial - 31 March / 01 April 2018 photos are here!

Flexible Flyers CPE Trial - 17 March 2018 photos are here!

Skyline Agility Club - 11 March 2018 Trial photos are here!

Let's Speak Dog WCRL Rally, Nazareth PA - 10 March 2018 Photos are here!

Previous trials and Youtube link

We do not breed nor sell ACD's. ACD's need their tails, don't dock it! Shaving the double coat will not cool them!

Bosworth's 3 Hour Tour To Foggytop "Crusoe" celbrating Flag Day

Trouble Blue Bandicoot achieved CT-ATCH5, first ACD to do so



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